About Mentors IT

The Gurukools of yesteryears still own the scent of dedication and enlightenment for education and teaching methods. As we have moved further towards the advanced world of technology driven facets, Teaching subjects have changed the standards of teaching facilities. Every dawn witnesses a newer breakthrough in technology and in turn demands for more skilled professionals who are aptly trained to meet the client’s requirements. Such demands have increased the need for training resources in the departments of training rooms, facilities, Location, Training Ambience and Training Administrators. Understanding this need MentorsIt has seeped its services towards providing world class training facilities for all corporate needs.

Chairman Message

"MentorsIT has come a long way since its first drafted vision to serve the basic needs for training facilities. We have strongly invested in meeting the world class requirements for different genre of Corporate training needs. Learning from every assignment we have stretched our spaces to meet every demand however complex in nature, such challenges have helped us extend our capabilities to the comprehensive end. We wish to work further and provide a hassle free service to our clients for the best of their expectations. Our staff and training facilitators have worked diligently and promptly towards our success and have set new standards for training room facilitators in the modern Corporate arena"

What we do?

MentorsIt in its intention to help the training needs of the corporate community has diligently set up Training Facilities that include :

Training rooms

Infrastructure for different training needs

Providing Training equipments for audio and Video solutions

System and Training equipment Administrators for managing the Facilities

We are located at the most commutable spot for Corporate Bangalore, at Domlur where all Companies or Institutions could conduct training based on their agreed schedule. Our team at MentorsIt will gather all your training infrastructure requirements and take up the responsibility to ensure all your needs are furnished for your training space.

Our Accomplishments

With the growing population of Corporate crowd and the demand for increased training needs in the IT and Non It sector, MentorsIt has created its own identity in the training infrastructure facilitation. Our reputation for the services that we provide has constantly raised its mast ahead of all our competitors by providing state of the art facilities and service ethics. With our prestigious client list increasing each day, our dedication and morale to serve our clients better has increased manifolds. We at MentorsIt strive hard to leave no stone unturned to ensure a quality at competitive price facilitation of your training needs.

Our Vision

We have endeavored to always understand and provide the latest in training technology needs. Being in the service of facilitating training since 1999 MentorsIt has come a long way in improving the service to provide qualified training infrastructure services. We understand that technology demands can never stay in the frames of the past and hence we are constantly improvising our standards of service and offering with each assignment. We are always keen in obtaining customer feedback and suggestions towards improving our standards to the highest level possible. Our vision towards the future of MentorsIt will always be to provide excellent line of services in all departments of training facilitation and also extend our services to other parts of the corporate community.